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Video Review: Nurse Patty 1

Seeing as Sexy Pattycake makes some incredible videos, I think it’s time for me to give some reviews on them.  I have a membership at, so I have complete access to her entire video and photo collection.   This means the review I am going to do is coming straight from me watching the entire full length video and not some preview clip that some may see.

Nurse Patty Part 1

sexy pattycake nurse patty videoThe video starts off like you’d expect, with Sexy Pattycake’s best feature, her beautiful big round ass.  She’s wearing a nurse outfit and in an office that looks like a doctors office.  Shit, it probably is.  Honestly if I were a doctor and Patty approached me wearing that and asked if she could borrow my office for 15 minutes, I’d pay her for it.

pattycake in braLike most of her videos, Sexy Pattycake is doing a slow stripping dance to some music that would probably cost her a fortune if that SOPA bill was ever passed.

sexy pattycake thongAfter some pesky teasing, Pattycake turns around and shows us that beautiful round ass again as she slowly pulls off her thong.  This is the part I generally love in Patty’s videos because often times you get to see a nice  pussy slip as she’s doing it.  However, that’s a moot point because of what you end up seeing later in the video….

sexy pattycake pussy slip…like this.  Much to my surprise, with her thong halfway down her thighs, Pattycake turns around and shows her bare pussy.    I know she’s been showing more and more as her videos have progressed, but I was a bit surprised to see a clear frame of her beautiful shaved clam.  Granted it’s for a split second, that is until…

pattycake showing ass… she turns around and spreads her ass and gives you a pretty crystal clear image of her pussy and ass.   If you’ve been following Sexy Pattycake as long as I have, this is almost a jackpot cumshot here.  I mean I used to spray everywhere just seeing her pussy in a very blurry video still as she uncrossed her legs or some shit, but now she’s spreading it for us?  Awesome.

closeup of sexy pattycake's pussyBut don’t jerk off just yet because only a few moments later, we get a fucking close-up of that pussy!  Yes, a fucking close-up!  See that super bald clam in all it’s nude glory up close in a pretty high quality video.   Something I may have to spank it to later….

Now that she’s got you nice and worked up, it’s time to drop the skirt back down and give us some more sexy dancing, knowing full well she’s not wearing any panties under that skirt.   While it’s not a close-up of her vagaygay, it’s still vintage Sexy Pattycake here.

And as the video winds down, she sits up on the table and starts rubbing her pussy hard, giving it a pretty damn good finish.  If you recognize that office, make sure you smell the table because you could be in for a fantastic surprise!

Anyway, sorry for the censors on the pussy images, but I’m not sure how happy Sexy Pattycake would be with me ‘giving away’ her vag, since she’s trying to make a living here, and shit, so am I for that matter.   I assure you that the video is uncensored and those text things were added by me.

Are you ready to see this video in full?

Visit Sexy Pattycake’s Site Now And Join Her Members Area!

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Well, it’s that time of the year, when it cools down, girls wear more clothes, and the snow starts falling.  Before the miserable snow, there is autumn, and Sexy Pattycake made a set that honors the season and makes us wish for fall year round.   Wearing a very sheer top with no bra, you can see her big nipples poking through her top, and it wouldn’t be completely without some nice ass shots that Pattycake is well known for.  See the entire set here

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I’m no expert on video editing, so even if I were allowed to take Pattycake’s newest video “Wet Leopard II” and slice it up showing you the best samples, I wouldn’t be able to do it anyway.  The best I can do is give you some screenshots of this incredibly hot video.    I’m not sure I’ve seen a video from Pattycake that I dislike, and she continued that trend in her latest where she’s in the shower wearing a little leopard outfit getting it nice and soapy wet.   Of course she spins around to show off that perfect round ass, then decides to actually show us her tits!  Sure, there was a bit of soap on her nipples for most of it, but towards the end of the video, the soap wears off and you can basically see Sexy Pattycake completely topless!

These are just screenshots of the video, so if you want to see the entire thing, visit her official site and sign up today!

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Sexy Pirate Pattycake

It’s nearly time for Halloween, so that means sexy costumes will be out in full force, which is good news for people who like slutty looking girls!   To warm you up for the season, here is Sexy Pattycake wearing a pirate costume, and getting a bit revealing with it.   Her see-thru panties nearly show her pussy, and her tits nearly slip out of her arms, but one thing is constant, her nice huge ass is always on display!   To see much more of this set and many others, visit her official site right here!

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