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Seeing as Madonna recently played the Super Bowl, boring millions with her halftime performance.  It is time for Sexy Pattycake to show remind everyone what Madonna used to be like, when she was fun.   Wearing fishnet stockings and an outfit from the 80′s, Pattycake is really rocking this set, especially when she spreads her legs only to reveal.. no panties!   What’s even better, you get treated with some beautiful ass shots that only Pattycake is known for.  That nice big bubble butt that would put Kim Kardashian to shame is on full display here.

To see this entire set, visit her official site here.

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Well, it’s that time of the year, when it cools down, girls wear more clothes, and the snow starts falling.  Before the miserable snow, there is autumn, and Sexy Pattycake made a set that honors the season and makes us wish for fall year round.   Wearing a very sheer top with no bra, you can see her big nipples poking through her top, and it wouldn’t be completely without some nice ass shots that Pattycake is well known for.  See the entire set here

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