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It seems like as the sets go on, Sexy Pattycake gets a bit more daring, especially with this one called Ducks and Daisies.  It starts off innocent enough with Pattycake wearing white shorts and a skimpy top, and even remains innocent when she strips from that into her bikini.

However, when she takes off all her clothes, things start getting a little more wild.  Pattycake gets completely nude and submerges her nice big beautiful ass into the water, then raises it up allowing the water to pour off it leaving a nice shiny covering to that incredible plump joy.

pattycake bare ass pussyYou can see the water pouring down her ass crack and rushing over her bare bald pussy in this fantastic water shot of Sexy Pattycake.

However, one thing you’ve also been waiting for is her elusive nipple!  Not often do you get a very clear shot at a Sexy Pattycake nipple slip, but this set delivers.  When she’s getting out of the water, completely topless, her left tit is above the water and you can see 75% bare nipple here.  If you’ve been waiting to see Sexy Pattycake topless, join here because you can with this set.

sexy pattycake toplessHere is an entire sample gallery of Sexy Pattycake’s set, be sure to join here if you want to see the entire thing…

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I’ve seen sybians, but I guess this new thing Pattycake is a bit better crafted because it’s soft and likely doesn’t hurt the girls thighs when she squeezes them tight.  Sexy Pattycake certainly enjoyed riding along, as there are not only pictures of this, but some extremely hot videos as well.   See the entire set and videos here

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